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January 30, 2014: Uncertainty

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

This is a very short snippet and, from what I remember, is simply a very obviously genderbent version of popular fairytale characters. It was inspired by some art that I remember being absolutely obsessed with and that I might even still have saved on my phone after all these years. There's more of it somewhere, including some plotting, so maybe it'll get it's own little section one day if I can track down where it's gone.

Unironically, though? There's a few things that I could certainly do better here now but I still really like this quick little experiment! Some of this humor still really hits for me and the dialogue here is pretty decent for the year.

Yeah, so, not much to say about this one because it's what it say on the tin. But it goes to show that inexperienced doesn't always mean bad. There are always things you're going to look back on and go 'huh, I did that?' and, yeah! You did that! Be proud of your work even the stuff that you're worried about aging poorly.

Word Count: 528


His fingers tapped against his thigh, lip slightly dented from the habit of chewing it when nervous, while his foot shook, vibrating the table it was propped up on, his phone clenched tightly in his hand, knuckles white from the grip.

A brunette, that sat in a chair beside him, scowled, nose leaving his book to give the younger man a death glare, “Would you just call him already?” He asked, voice obviously irritated, but still holding an almost fatherly tone, seeing as he had mostly taken over that role.

The black haired man just shrugged, not really hearing the other, thoughts swirling through his head like angry bees, stinging anything they came into contact with. He didn’t know how he could have missed it for so long, didn’t know how he could have been so oblivious as to not see what was so obscenely obvious to everyone… but him, of course.

At least, he was oblivious, until today, when, for some reason, his thoughts finally cleared up from their usual scramble and put together the thing he always seemed to avoid thinking about.

A hand clapping hard onto his shoulder startled the man out of his confusing musings, “Come on, man, I didn’t take the mighty Frost Black for such a trainwreck over a very simple matter.”

Frost glared at the blonde man that was standing behind his chair, a wide grin on his face, blue eyes lit up with mischief, “Shut up,” he muttered, hating to watch his roommate and his boyfriend and their surprisingly simple relationship. There was no drama, no anger, they just… were, and they had no problem just being. They were calm people, though, so maybe the simplicity was in their nature, either way, he was increasingly envious of it. “Like you would know how this feels, you and Bellro are so easy you’ve probably never felt like this before,” Frost muttered, not even minding his slip of words as he stared longingly at the screen of the phone, wanting ever so dearly to dial the number he had come to know by heart.

The blonde looked almost offended by the mistake, though, “Did he just say that we’re ‘easy’?” He asked his brunette partner, not bothering to speak directly to the black haired man, knowing that he wouldn’t get a proper answer the way he was acting.

Bello shrugged, “Just a slip of the tongue, Cinder, he tends to have trouble finding his words when he’s like this,” he stated simply, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “I think it stems from those couple of years he spent away from human interactions, too many chats with squirrels can definitely go to your head after a while,” he gave his love a small smile.

Which Cinder returned as a glare, “What’s that supposed to mean-”

“Fine, I’ll do it,” Frost muttered, fingers flying across the numbers on his phone before he could lose his sudden burst of courage, hoping for the best as he hit the green call button.

It took four rings, four agonizing, pain filled rings before the lines connected and a deep voice answered, “Hello?”

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